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Trends in Seaside Jewellery: What's Hot

seaside jewellery

Trends in Seaside Jewellery: What's Hot

From the sun-kissed beaches to the shimmering catwalks, seaside motifs and coastal aesthetics are making a grand splash in the world of fashion. Drawing inspiration from the recent Vogue fashion show, we're diving deep into the key trends in seaside jewellery. And guess what? Our collection, inspired by the gentle whispers of the coast, mirrors these very trends.

Silver Shimmers: Trends Inspired by the Vogue Fashion Show

seaside jewellery

The Vogue show unveiled an ocean of silver-hued dresses, setting the trend bar high for the season. This trend doesn't stop at attire; it beautifully translates into jewellery designs too.

Did you know? A large part of our collection gleams with silver pieces, echoing the very trend spotted on the runway. Whether you're dressing for a day at the beach or bringing a touch of the sea to an urban setting, our coast-inspired jewellery range has you covered.

Gold-Plated Grandeur and Murano Magic

Venturing beyond just silver, we've embraced the allure of gold too. Our gold-plated pieces, particularly the stunning bold designs, are inspired by the coast and the myriad patterns of nature.

Additionally, our Murano glass jewellery is a striking testament to boldness. The vivacious colours and unique patterns on Murano pieces are inspired by the fluctuating moods of the ocean.

Making Waves: Bold Statement Earrings

seaside jewellery

Bold statement earrings have taken the fashion world by storm. Our collection, inspired by the calming colours of the ocean and the peaceful settings of sandy beaches, uses intricate tools of craftsmanship to perfect each piece.

Beyond Beauty: Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery

seaside jewellery

Today's jewellery isn't just about aesthetics. It's about making a statement, a stand, and a commitment to our planet. The surge in demand for ethical and sustainable coastal inspired jewellery showcases the evolving consumer conscience.

We're proud to be part of this movement. Every piece at Seaside Jewellery is sourced with a promise — to offer beauty without compromise. Ethically curated and environmentally friendly, our seashore jewellery reflects the very essence of the sea: pure, pristine, and timeless.

In the heart of our business is a commitment that transcends aesthetics. Our coast inspired and sustainable jewellery stands as a testament to this dedication. Every piece is a beautiful reflection of nature, capturing the essence of the coast.

Pearls, Turquoise, and All Things Precious

seaside jewellery

Pearls and turquoise, with their inherent coastal charm, have a timeless allure in the world of jewellery. Their mesmerizing hues, inspired by the calm of the sea, blend seamlessly into various designs and settings in our coastal jewellery, making them perfect additions for anyone inspired by the coastal beauty.

Personalising the Waves: Custom Coastal Jewellery

There’s something truly magical about owning a beautiful piece of jewellery that speaks just to you. Personalisation in the form of engravings is more than a trend; it's a heartfelt gesture, making seaside jewellery a keepsake, a memory.

Feel free to explore our range, and you might just find that perfect piece waiting to be personalised with your touch.


1. What key trends did the Vogue autumn/winter 2023 fashion show highlight for 2024? Silver was a dominant hue, especially in dresses, and bold gold earrings made a definitive statement.

2. How is Seaside Jewellery embracing the silver trend? Our collection boasts a myriad of silver pieces, reflecting the colour trend spotted on the runway.

3. Can I personalise pieces from Seaside Jewellery? Absolutely! Our coastal jewellery range includes pieces that can be personalised with engravings, making them even more special.

4. Are bold statement earrings suitable for daily wear? While statement earrings make a grand impression, their adaptability depends on the design. Our collection offers pieces that are versatile, suitable for both daily wear and special occasions.

6. How does Seaside Jewellery ensure its pieces are ethical and sustainable? Our business prioritizes environmentally-friendly and ethical practices, ensuring each piece in our collection is a reflection of our commitment to nature.

6. Are pearls and turquoise trendy in the current jewellery scene? Absolutely! Their timeless beauty and the way they reflect oceanic hues make them perpetually in vogue.

With these trends in mind, exploring our collection will feel like a walk along the coast, with each piece telling its unique seaside story.


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